How does Midworkers work?

  • 1. The employer posts a job
  • 2. Employee does the work, presents the required proof of work (some work may not require proof and/or pays immediately)
  • 3. The employer must review, accept or reject job applications submitted within 7days, otherwise the submitted evidence will be automatically accepted.
  • 4.Employee is paid if proof is accepted.
  • If you haven't already, check out the current list of currently available jobs. 

How to earn money with midworkers?

There are many different types of tasks to do on Midworkers.

1. Earn money with click tasks online
  • 2. Take paid surveys.
  • 3. Turn your social media into a passive income.
  • 4. Rating / comment and Reviews.
  • 5. Comment on forums and on social media.
  • 6. YouTube videos views, like, comment. Subscribe. 
  • 7. Android/ios app installing. 
  • 8. Content writing. 
  • 9. Airdrop join.
  • 10. Simple sign-up Etc.
  • If you are a beginner, we recommend that you check the jobs with high success rates. Some tasks are really easy! And many new job postings are posted on Midworkers every day.

How to get paid on Midworkers?

  • After a successful job, the corresponding amount will be credited to your wallet. Once the collected amount reaches $5, you can initiate the withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdraw fees?

  • Yes! But for limited time Only :-)
  • For our site maintenance and administration expenses fees are mentioned bellow
  • 10% fees will be charged from the total amount of withdraw requested. 
  • 0% fees will be charged from the total amount of deposit.

Job fees?

  • No fees! In order to maintain a world class 24/7 platform with a fully staffed administration team. Job approval fee is $0.00. Fee for tasks rated Satisfied is 0% charged to both worker and employer.

What is success rate?

Workers must maintain a success rate of above 75% at all times (Satisfied tasks). Too many Not-Satisfied tasks will lower Worker's success rate. Low success rate prevents a Worker from performing jobs for the next 30 days.